Friday, March 26, 2010

Welcome to Natasha's Notion! What it's about...

Here is the basic theme for this blog...

I am a currently unemployed Michigan State University Grad with a degree in Business Marketing.

(Proud Spartan. Go Green!)

Why marketing?
I didn’t know what else to choose. OK not really... I knew I was going to study marketing since I was a senior in high school. So overall, I love that marketing involves almost all aspects of a business: #s, people, products/services, ideas etc... I feel like the way I think is well-rounded and I am always trying to use both sides of my brain while making decisions. I actually chose to study Marketing because I am genuinely interested in it; so interested that even though I am not working for a specific company, I am constantly noticing Marketing and Advertising mishaps or strategies/techniques/campaigns that could be improved or are just not working.

Even though it is impossible for me to relate and be a part of every single demographic- it is obvious that a company’s marketing strategy tanked if they were to hire Britney Spears to advertise life insurance. Well… that could be debatable... and again, that is the fun of this and marketing in general- everything can be debated and twisted and deciphered to make sense or justify a message… so I guess this is my voice and my notions.

This is where “Natasha's Notion” comes in... I will be using this blog to comment/critique/provide my "Notion" about these awkward marketing and advertising moments. I may also praise the ones I admire or find intriguing and can't help but share. If you care- cool. If you don’t… well…you suck. I am just a nerd with a thirsty marketing mind suffering during this unemployment drought and I need an outlet to express these sporadic and personally tantalizing observations! Bear with me... I will try to keep it entertaining and somewhat humorous.

Side note: Throughout this blog I will do my casual best to be grammatically correct as well as spell properly. I promise I am an advocate of Professor Henry Higgins teachings but since you will not be given a chance to listen and react to dreadful speech I will try to protect your eyes from seeing it. Therefore, I shall try my very best not to murder the English language. However, if there are a few forgivable mistakes please write them off as typos, excited slip ups or just straight raw uneducated stupidity... As I usually do.

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